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The Top Fantasy Football News

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You have to be prepared if you want to dominate your fantasy football league this season. It’s not enough to have a successful team on the field; you also need to know the latest news and information, so you can make smart decisions based on what you hear. Whether it’s trade rumors or injuries, there are plenty of things that could influence your team this year, and not knowing about them could cost you big time in the standings. Keep reading for some of the best sources of fantasy football news and information this season.

Expert advice

In this blog post, we will explore some of the top fantasy football news that you need to know before drafting your team. For example, NFL owners passed a rule change that moves touchbacks up to the 25-yard line in an effort to decrease game time by 5 minutes per game. It will be interesting to see how this impacts total touchbacks in games as kickers are more inclined to boot out of bounds on kickoffs to avoid giving up big returns. We hope this information proves useful in your quest for fantasy football glory!


Just like every other sport, football has its news sources. They vary depending on what you’re looking for. For example, Sports Illustrated gives updates on injuries to star players that could effect their team’s success, while ESPN is known more for breaking down the Xs and Os of football strategy. The New York Times also has a section dedicated to statistics from previous games. It will be important to find your preferred type of coverage so you can have up-to-date information before drafting a team in your league.

There are also sites like Bleacher Report that give an inside look at the lives of pro players–which may include serious injuries, trades or game plans–providing valuable insight into these athletes’ mindsets.


The National Football League preseason is just around the corner, which means fantasy football drafts are right around the corner as well. Which players should you be targeting in your upcoming draft? We break down our preseason rankings, highlighting key players to target and those who may not make a big impact this season.


While many of us are going to wait until September to get our fantasy teams set, it is never too early to start getting some key insights. Why not take a look at some of the players who we might want to consider on our draft day in August? After all, part of having a successful season is making sure you are aware of potential players before they break out. Here’s five sleepers worth following this upcoming football season:

-Jerick McKinnon – Last year as a rookie with Minnesota, McKinnon racked up 991 yards from scrimmage. Now he’ll be expected to put up bigger numbers with Adrian Peterson no longer with the team.


In 2010, the Seattle Seahawks made a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire running back Julius Jones. In 2011, they finished 13-3 and won their first playoff game since 1983. The following year, they reached the divisional round of the playoffs before losing in heartbreaking fashion to eventual Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. 2012 saw them get off to an even faster start before injuries once again slowed their momentum midseason; this time culminating in a heartbreaking end to what would have been an improbable run towards another Super Bowl.

Targets/Avoid lists

Different aspects of football need to be analyzed before choosing a player in a fantasy league. Who will play on which team? How much will they play? What is their performance history? All of these factors are weighed and weighed again before picking who to start or choose as a bench player.

Draft tips

Some new football fans like to dive into fantasy football head-first when the season starts. If that’s you, here are some things to keep in mind before drafting your team: 1) research past performances of players with similar positions to see who excelled in certain situations, 2) check out which teams had a rough offseason which could translate into talent-less rosters 3) make sure you have at least one backup plan just in case someone gets injured before your draft.

1) Your best bet is probably to choose a quarterback first because they usually perform better than other position players.

Injury notes

If you’ve drafted Ezekiel Elliott or David Johnson in your fantasy football league, don’t worry–they won’t be sidelined due to injury. In fact, with a week remaining in the preseason, only four starting running backs are questionable as injuries take their toll across the league.

This year’s top ten fantasy football players include many of last year’s same faces. Jay Ajayi (No. 1) is looking to fill his teammate DeMarco Murray’s shoes from last season after an unexpected trade, but other names to look out for this season are Melvin Gordon III (No. 2), Le’Veon Bell (No. 4), Ezekiel Elliott (No. 5), Todd Gurley II (No. 7), Devonta Freeman II (No.

Game Day strategy and game day breakdowns.

It’s football season again, which means it’s time to fill out your fantasy football lineup. The most important thing when setting up your team is to have a plan in place. Start by picking a sport (NFL, NCAA, NBA) that you’ll be playing with this year. Then think about whether you want to join a league or if you want to play solo; some people use fantasy football as something fun to do during the offseason, while others do it during the season every day.

Who is the owner of fantasy football?

You may be wondering, Who is the owner of fantasy football? Well, you could have just answered your own question if you have been following the NFL all these years. The NFL is the founder of this team-based game. Although it’s possible that a lot of people played some variation of this game at some point in time before they were born, they didn’t know it by its modern name until it was introduced to them by their friends or colleagues. There are many variations on what you can do with a fantasy football team, but many agree that ____ seems to work best and keeps things simple enough so that everyone understands how to play without too much complication.

We hope these 10 tips will help keep your team intact throughout an entire season!

What is the most accurate fantasy football site?

It’s time for you to start getting excited about your fantasy football league’s upcoming season. This post is all about the top fantasy football news, information, and players to keep an eye on. We’ll also be answering questions like: What is the most accurate fantasy football site? And What are some do’s and don’ts for new owners? In order to have a successful season, you’ll need to stay informed with all of this necessary information. From players that should be on your team this year to which sportsbook provides industry-leading odds. If you’re new to fantasy football, or just want a refresher on how it works, this post will guide you in your quest for another championship!

1) What is DraftKings?


*Start setting up your draft, researching players, and preparing to scout as soon as possible. The key to a winning fantasy football team is preparation. Be sure to research every potential player to ensure you are drafting the right one.* *Keep a close eye on those injured players that have not yet been cleared by their team’s medical staff.

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